Join me for a class

Join me to learn to hand-build an object.

Group classes (female only):
-There will be small snacks and non alcoholic wine from The New Bar as well as orange wine from Fallen Grape.
-This will be for a medium size vase or object (if you dare venture off hehe). Roughly a 5x5” object.

Thursday June 8th 30th: 7-9pm.
Saturday June 9th: 10-12pm

Offering private classes for groups of 2-10 to everyone. Please email us at to set a date for a private class. 

Pricing for private classes (open to everyone):
$40 to build a small dish (Roughly 4" diameter by 2" tall)
$85 to build a bud vase (roughly 6"tall x4” wide)
$160 to build a large vase (roughly 8-10” tall)

Hand painting classes:

Hand painting classes will be open to everyone and cost $65 per person for (pre-made) cups and bud vases. If you have interest in this please email me as once I gather a group I can set a date.

**For all classes please note that pieces may crack or break and not hold water (this happens very rarely but does happen).

There is no guarantee that they will be water tight etc. I like to set that expectation as my very first vase during a class years ago had a crack and I to learned to love it but wish I had a warning.**

I am just beginning these offerings in this space so things will adapt as time goes on, but I can’t wait to connect and create with you!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Classes are referral only, please be mindful of who you share this link with:)

Location: 4875 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles CA 90029