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Palo Santo
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Palo Santo

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Palo Santo "holy wood" is similar to Sage and Cedar and is known for it's energetically cleansing and healing properties. It provides an uplifting scent that raises your vibration in preparation for meditation, enhances creativity, and keeps energies grounded and clear. (Three pieces included).

How to use: Light the end of one wood stick by holding a flame to it for 10-20 seconds. Once lit, gently blow out flame and the red hot end of the stick will slowly burn like incense. When finished, place on Smudge Plate or something fire-safe such as a shell and let it extinguish itself. These sticks will last through many uses.

Source: High Resin Holy Wood. 100% organic. Sustainably harvested from Peru.

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Jennifer S.
United States United States
Still waiting for it to arrive

Can’t review when I’m still waiting on the two products to be delivered. Took 10+ days and an email inquiry to get the products shipped. Now close two weeks on shipping. Hoping it arrives intact...

Brynn M.
United States United States
Lovely Purchase

I absolutely loved the energy brought after using the palo santo wood in my new home. The experience really helped clear out any lingering negative energy and allow positivity and abundance to flow into my new space. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone looking for spiritual purification.

Sarah N.
United States United States

Haven’t burnt my Palo Santo yet but it’s sitting as decoration with my lady, and looks and smells delightful.